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Rainy sports day

Today was meant to be my sports day but halfway through it started to rain quite a bit. When it started raining it was such a big shame because I was enjoying my sports day. I was competing against local schools for the Olympic Games and I was really looking forward to mummy and daddy racing in the mummy and daddy race, and my sister in the brother and sister race.

The rain was very very very very very bad so we had to go back inside and, because we were all wet, we got sent home early. It wasn’t very bad news because somebody at Kids Bee Happy had sent me something to play with and tell you about on my blog! They had sent me some Magic Sand Painting Packs to share with my sister!

I did a sand picture of a robot, my mum thought it was excellent. This is how you do the sand pictures:

  • First you peel off the part that you want to colour in with the sand and it is sticky underneath
  • Secondly, you get the sand and pour it on the sticky part
  • After that, if you have any spare sand on your work, you pour it into a container and save it
  • You keep going until you have coloured in the whole thing with coloured sand

My little sister had a go too and she did a bunny because there are boy packs and girl packs.

I think this is good for rainy days because all you have to do is sit inside and put sand on your picture and at the very end you get a very beautiful picture which you can put on your wall. I think lots of different children in the world would enjoy doing sand pictures.

Magic Sand Art packs were provided free of charge by Kids Bee Happy for Tom to review on his blog. They can be purchased for £8.99 from this link – each pack contains two A4 pictures to complete, along with 20 sand pens in 13 different colours, a plastic sleeve and hook to display the finished work and a tool for lifting the sections off to reveal the sticky areas beneath.

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Looking forward to the London 2012 Olympics

The Olympics are coming to London soon. I cannot wait because I am going to the Olympics. I have a ticket to see the men’s handball. I don’t really know what handball is but I would like to see it because they might explain what it is and I will get to see the new Olympic Park in London too. The basketball arena where the men’s handball is played was built especially for the Olympics.

I am going to buy a special t shirt especially for the Olympics. I am going to stay at my Nan’s house the night before the handball then I am going to go on a train to the Olympics. I will take my camera with me to take pictures of very exciting things and I will put them on my blog for you.

I might go to Bedford and see the Olympic torch on Sunday. Different people will be running around Bedford holding the Olympic torch. I am going early in the morning so I can get a good space to see it. It is special because when it gets to London, they’ll use it to light a special candle so the Olympics can start.

Lots of people will get medals. The youngest person ever to win a medal was a thirteen year old child. At school, we are having our own Olympic-themed sports day. We are competing against lots of different schools to win a certificate, but not a medal. I am looking forward to the penalty kick-off. It was very fun when I tried it out last time we practised.

What are you looking forward to the most about the Olympics?