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The day I held the Olympic Torch

I held the Olympic Torch and it was amazing because I was at Beavers. I had a picture with it. It felt kind of heavy and light and it had the London 2012 symbol on it. I couldn’t believe it when I actually just touched the torch! It was a once in a really really big lifetime experience and I am happy because not any children get to hold the torch. My friend’s dad brought the torch in to Beavers so that we could have a picture with it and experience a bit of Olympic magic! Thank you for reading this little blog post. Best magic wishes from Tom.


The Olympic Torch Relay in Bedford

When I got up this morning I felt happy because I was going to Bedford to see the Olympic Torch Relay. I put on an Olympics t-shirt and some sticky glittery tattoos. I am going to keep my tattoos on for lunch! Some of them are on my face.

The weather was disgusting on the way to Bedford, it was chucking it down with rain. We had to walk all the way from the car park in the rain to the torch relay. It took ages for the torch to arrive but while we were waiting I saw some funny things like a man running along with a fake torch and a rubbish truck driving along the road! The police came along and high-fived me and had a photo with me which you can see in the gallery on this blog post.

Before the torch man came along, lots of cars and trucks and motorbikes were in front of it. On three of the trucks there were people dancing and singing and that made me feel a bit nervous and excited because I knew the Olympic torch was very close. A torch relay is a race that you can join in and you have your very own torch to keep but you run with it and pass the flame to another person.

When I finally saw the Olympic torch I was very excited and I saw lots of people running with the person carrying the Olympic torch. You can see it yourself on this exciting video that my Dad took:

Thank you for reading this blog post. Please have a look at the pictures.

From Tom 😀

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