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My day as headteacher

Headteacher TomToday I was headteacher for the day! I couldn’t wait. I was headteacher because my mum won it as a prize at school. This morning, instead of me going to the gates and waiting for them to open, I went to school early and went through the office. I wore a shirt and tie and black trousers and socks with diamonds on because I was allowed to wear mufti like a proper teacher. When I went through the office Mrs D (deputy head) greeted me and told Mrs F (the headteacher) I was here. Mrs F took me into her office and we had a chat about what we were going to be doing today.

We had a walk around the school and we visited classrooms. Classes 3E and 1M were colouring in Olympic medals and making some to celebrate the Olympics. I also wrote a letter about my day being headteacher which will be sent home tomorrow. I saw the Year 4 leavers assembly and I gave out stickers – I had five stickers and I gave them out to people who were sitting nicely!

I didn’t have to do any school work at all because I was headteacher. Instead, I helped Mrs F on the computer to find something for a letter, I spoke to other teachers and held doors open for other people. I held Tommy the Tortoise when I visited 1M’s classroom. It felt very funny because he kept moving around but luckily he didn’t escape.

I found it very interesting when I went to the ICT room to give out stickers. It was interesting because everyone was doing very good work on the computers. I saw two friends on mine playing Granny’s Garden, they were helping each other out.

Instead of me having a child’s tray at lunchtime, I had a plate for adults! When I had my hand up, Mr P asked me what I had my hand up for and I said I had it up because I wanted to leave the dinner hall. Mr P said I could decide if I could go because I am headteacher for the day! He also bowed to me every time he spotted me which made me very giggly! It will be very very serious when he is my teacher next year.

It was very fun in Mrs F’s office because lots of children came in and got stickers. One of them was for a class canvas and the other was for amazing sums.

I had a chocolate mini roll because Mrs F and I really needed a break in the afternoon. Mrs F told all the teachers that I have a blog so I think she’ll be reading this!

I had a really really really really great day as headteacher.

Tom 🙂