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Have you missed me?

Conker spidersIt has been ages since I did a blog post! I am in Year 2 at school now and it is really busy because I have bigger homework and more reading to do. I have been learning about famous people like Florence Nightingale and Stevie Wonder and Vincent Van Gogh at school – it is very fun because I didn’t know anything about them before and now I know loads of things. Like today I found out that not only is Stevie Wonder blind, but also he lost his sense of smell in a car crash!

I still go to Beavers as well and now I do swimming lessons, so there isn’t much time to do my blog! But I still love my blog and I have got lots of things to tell you about, so I hope you will come back and read my new posts when I do them. It will be very soon because I have to tell you about my sister’s birthday and there are some toys and films I want to tell you about as well. But for now, I hope you like these conker spiders I made with my dad – my teacher told me that conkers scare away spiders so I made these but they scared him because he is scared of spiders!

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The day I held the Olympic Torch

I held the Olympic Torch and it was amazing because I was at Beavers. I had a picture with it. It felt kind of heavy and light and it had the London 2012 symbol on it. I couldn’t believe it when I actually just touched the torch! It was a once in a really really big lifetime experience and I am happy because not any children get to hold the torch. My friend’s dad brought the torch in to Beavers so that we could have a picture with it and experience a bit of Olympic magic! Thank you for reading this little blog post. Best magic wishes from Tom.


Beavers Adventure

BeaversLogoYesterday I had my very first time at Beavers. It was very good even though I got stung by a stinging nettle!

Beavers is a boy club that you can go to. They do different activities every week like nature trails, barbecues, camping and completing lots of challenges to earn different badges for the uniform – I don’t have my uniform yet but I’m going to get it soon. Lots of my friends go to Beavers so I am very excited to have finally joined Beavers. There are three boy clubs: Beavers, Cubs and Scouts.

The leader is Badger. I think he is very funny and awesome. There are other grown-up helpers but I can’t remember all their names. I am in the yellow lodge with two of my best friends from school.

I am looking forward to earning badges at Beavers and getting my uniform and scarf and woggle. I will feel very nervous when I put on my uniform for the first time ever and I will be very proud of myself too.

Do you go to any clubs like Beavers, Rainbows, Cubs, Brownies, Scouts or Girl Guides?

From Tom 😀