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A day at the London 2012 Olympics

SuperTom at the London 2012 OlympicsOn the day that we went to the Olympics, me and my mum went on a train to get there. We got up early at seven o’clock (we had stayed at my nanny’s house because she lives in London) and we walked halfway to the train station and then took a bus because we had travel-cards which came with our Olympic tickets. It was six stops on the train to get to the Olympics and the train was very very busy because lots of people were going to the Olympics.

Arriving at the Olympic Park for London 2012When we got off the train I was very excited. I was wearing my London 2012 t-shirt and I had a lanyard which had lots of pin badges on it that we had collected before we got there. Lots of people said they liked my badges and asked me where I got them from. We had bought them from the London 2012 shop, John Lewis and the Tower of London shop which we went to the day before.

We walked from the station into the Olympic park. I was a bit nervous because I was so happy to be there! I saw the actual Olympic Stadium and it was brilliant and ginormous. I’ve got tickets for the Paralympics too so I can go in the stadium then!

As we walked to the Basketball Arena, we saw Chris Hoy with his gold medal. He was wearing his medal and being interviewed on a balcony. He waved to the crowd and it made me feel like crying! I couldn’t believe that I could see a real gold medallist from Team GB!

Before we got to the Basketball Arena, we went into a BP room and we watched a 3D film on a ball in the middle of the room. We were turning around and it got really cold. The film was talking about the Olympics and the environment.

SuperTom at the Basketball Arena London 2012When we finally got to the Basketball Arena we sat down in our chairs to watch the men’s handball quarter final with Hungary vs Iceland. Handball is very quick, action-packed and it was a bit boring at the beginning but then very exciting when it was a draw and it went to extra time! Woo. Then I really started cheering for Hungary because I wanted them to win and they won! Phew.

After the handball match, I had my picture taken with the Olympic torch but it wasn’t as much fun as when I had my picture taken with it at Beavers because that felt more special because it was just us kids. We had a walk around the Olympic Park and there were lots of fans from other countries like Spain fans and Hungary fans and some of them were dressed up, especially the Iceland ones. Ones of the Iceland fans was dressed as Santa Claus!


We actually had three days in London and two sleeps. The day before I went to the Olympics, I went down to the South Bank and saw lots of Olympics mascots – they were gigantic and me and my sister had a photo taken with as many as possible. They all looked different because they had different patterns on them. On the last day in London, we went to the Tower of London and I saw the Crown Jewels and I saw Tower Bridge open too.


I had an excellent time in London and it felt very special going to the Olympics because not many children in the world would get to do that. I have enjoyed the whole Olympics, watching it on TV and going to see the handball. When I grow up, I would like to be an Olympic athlete but I wonder what country it would be in? I think I’d be good at single diving like Tom Daly. I don’t think I’d be really that good at football and handball because they are a bit too fast for me and tricky. I think I’d be good at gymnastics as well, on the horse.

I’m really upset that the Olympics are going to go this weekend but I’m really excited about the Paralymics in a couple of weeks’ time. Thank you for reading this very long post! Please have a look at my slideshow below which has all my photographs on it from my visit to the London 2012 Olympics 🙂

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