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My rainy Saturday

These pictures say it all: wellies, muddy puddles, snails, splashing, jumping… and a Gelli Baff with my sister before bed.

Hope you’re all having a great weekend.


Beavers Adventure

BeaversLogoYesterday I had my very first time at Beavers. It was very good even though I got stung by a stinging nettle!

Beavers is a boy club that you can go to. They do different activities every week like nature trails, barbecues, camping and completing lots of challenges to earn different badges for the uniform – I don’t have my uniform yet but I’m going to get it soon. Lots of my friends go to Beavers so I am very excited to have finally joined Beavers. There are three boy clubs: Beavers, Cubs and Scouts.

The leader is Badger. I think he is very funny and awesome. There are other grown-up helpers but I can’t remember all their names. I am in the yellow lodge with two of my best friends from school.

I am looking forward to earning badges at Beavers and getting my uniform and scarf and woggle. I will feel very nervous when I put on my uniform for the first time ever and I will be very proud of myself too.

Do you go to any clubs like Beavers, Rainbows, Cubs, Brownies, Scouts or Girl Guides?

From Tom 😀


My favourite Skylanders

I got Skylanders last Christmas and I was very excited because it was the first present I opened. I was very excited when I first tried it out, even though I only had three Skylanders but I’ve gradually been collecting them in packs of three and packs of one so now I have 21. This game is about a dragon called Spyro. He is one of the Skylanders. Before you start the game, you have to switch on the Portal of Power and put your Skylander on it. The Portal of Power makes your Skylanders come to life on TV. Then you complete chapters of adventures – the more you complete chapters, the more levels you unlock.

Each Skylander has its own special power on each button on the controller. That is important because if they had the same powers, it wouldn’t really be that fun. You need different Skylanders to complete different challenges. Every time you get a new Skylander, it unlocks a new challenge to try out and win. This is good because you can keep playing without getting bored and there are lots of different Skylanders to collect. There are 30 Skylanders to collect and there are special ones called Legendary Skylanders – they are a different colour to the normal ones.

I have got two very favourite Skylanders. One of them is called Dinorang and the other is called Ignitor. Dinorang throws boomerangs to kill the baddies. He can throw some forwards and some around him. I like Dinorang because he is a dinosaur and throws boomerangs and I think that is amazing for a dinosaur! I like Ignitor because he’s got a fire sword and he swipes baddies. He takes three shots with his sword to kill a baddie and he can throw meteors out of his head and crush the baddies too.

One of my friends has collected all of the Skylanders, including the Legendaries. I hope I get more for my birthday! My other friend doesn’t have Skylanders so I let him come round after school to play it with me.

Thank you for reading my blog, from Tom.



Looking forward to the London 2012 Olympics

The Olympics are coming to London soon. I cannot wait because I am going to the Olympics. I have a ticket to see the men’s handball. I don’t really know what handball is but I would like to see it because they might explain what it is and I will get to see the new Olympic Park in London too. The basketball arena where the men’s handball is played was built especially for the Olympics.

I am going to buy a special t shirt especially for the Olympics. I am going to stay at my Nan’s house the night before the handball then I am going to go on a train to the Olympics. I will take my camera with me to take pictures of very exciting things and I will put them on my blog for you.

I might go to Bedford and see the Olympic torch on Sunday. Different people will be running around Bedford holding the Olympic torch. I am going early in the morning so I can get a good space to see it. It is special because when it gets to London, they’ll use it to light a special candle so the Olympics can start.

Lots of people will get medals. The youngest person ever to win a medal was a thirteen year old child. At school, we are having our own Olympic-themed sports day. We are competing against lots of different schools to win a certificate, but not a medal. I am looking forward to the penalty kick-off. It was very fun when I tried it out last time we practised.

What are you looking forward to the most about the Olympics?


My day out at the school fete

I went to the school fete today. I felt very happy when I arrived because I saw lots of fun games and ice creams… “delicious!”.

The first thing I did was try the teddy tombola. It took me ages to win a prize but in the end I won a teddy lion.

Then I went to the “soak-a-teacher” game. It was fun. The PTFA lady that I soaked said I got shot of the day and a man came over and shook my hand!

After that, I had a hot dog. Yum yum! Next I went to the bouncy castle with my sister. I fell down all the time! After I went on the bouncy castle, I got a tattoo – it was a motorbike. Then me and my sister got our faces painted. I had a skeleton and she had a doggy.

We had lots more fun on the pony rides, playing on the tyres, digging for treasure and fighting my sister with a red tube on the air arena.

I couldn’t wait until the school fete had started. I was waiting ages and I really really enjoyed it because I saw real live ponies and enjoyed myself with my friends and family.


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