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Testing out a windmill kit

A company called RS Components sent me a big brown envelope of things to make a cardboard windmill out of. It looked a bit strange as it was just cardboard and wires and an engine and a battery but we got some instructions from them and last night me and mum tried to build it. Mum explained to me that it isn’t a proper toy yet, but it is called a ‘prototype’ because they are just testing it out to see what is good and bad about it.

Mum had to help me quite a bit because it had some fiddly jobs like putting the engine in and pushing the wooden stick through the cardboard. I think it would be difficult to do all by myself! But it was exciting and I did a good job of sticking all the cardboard tabs down to make the actual windmill’s body myself.

You have to attach a big elastic band to the wooden stick to make it turn by switching the engine on but when we switched it on, it didn’t really work so we never got the windmill fans to go round. I think the elastic band needed to hold on more tightly to the stick or something like that to make it move.

I think it will be great when they make it a bit better – it is a bit tricky at the moment so I think I will stick to making things out of Lego. But it would be good if this worked as it is exciting to use engines and batteries and wires – mum let me clip the wires on myself to the engine too! It was very fun to be able to try out this pack even if it isn’t ready really yet.

Here is a video of us making the windmill:

The batteriesDC motors, and wire cables used in this project were supplied by RS Components UK, the world’s leading high service distributor of electronics and maintenance products.

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Top 5 things to do in the garden

The weather hasn’t been great in the summer holidays, but there have been a few sunny days. When it’s sunny I like playing in the garden and here’s my top five things I like to do in the garden and that you might like.

In fifth place… Riding things! My garden isn’t that big but I can still get around it on my bike without any road traffic getting in my way.  I also like taking my sister for a ride on the back of my quad bike. We play taxis and I give her a lift around the garden.

In fourth place… It is my sister’s trampoline! It’s a little one-person trampoline that we bought second-hand for only £5. I like jumping on it but sadly once I almost jumped over the front. The dog loves jumping about on it too.

In third place… Gardening with my dad! I was sent some cool Gruffalo gardening gloves and I am going to use them to help my dad dig, plant and get messy. I planted vegetables in my garden like carrots, spring onions, chillis and green peas. The gloves are going to come in very HANDY 😀

In second place… Painting and clay! When it was a sunny day, mummy covered the garden table with a cloth and me and my sister painted clay things that we had made last year. It was really fun – you should try it with air-drying clay.

In first place… Pro Swingball! This new toy was sent to me this summer and I have been playing it with my sister and my mum. It is really tricky to hit the ball but I’m getting the hang of it. The rules of Pro Swingball is the ball goes round and round a pole and you have to take it in turns to serve and hit it. My dog Mowgli also loves Pro Swingball and keeps trying to eat the tennis ball on the end of the string!

What things do you like doing in your garden? I’d love to hear from you!


Gruffalo Garden Gloves – “This is Briers’ first fully licensed range. These exclusive Gruffalo® children’s products have been especially designed with an emphasis on kids having fun outside.” The gloves are available from Briers priced £3.99. 

Pro Swingball – “The Pro Swingball is the perfect game for the whole family to enjoy in the summer.  It isn’t just for back gardens, it’s fully portable and therefore a perfect game for outdoor events, holiday fun and picnics. With its unique lid and base construction, the game can be stored and carried anywhere!  It’s fun, interactive and great for all age-groups … and tends to bring out that competitive streak in even the most unlikely players!  Pro Swingball is available from Toys ‘R’ Us and – RRP £39.99.”


Fruit Shoot pencils from Smencils

I really like Fruit Shoots and I really like writing and drawing, so it was a very big surprise to receive some Fruit Shoot pencils from Smencils today. These are not any old pencils; these are special because they SMELL of different types of Fruit Shoots! There are five flavours which they smell of: orange, summer fruits, blackcurrant and apple, tropical and apple. My favourite Smencils are tropical and orange.

They are also special because they are made of recycled newspapers so they are kind to the atmosphere. And the tube they come in is made out of a special plastic which is also kind to the planet.

They are the perfect things for back to school and you can win some at this competition on Facebook – they are giving away 10 sets of Robinsons Fruit Shoot Smencils.

For further information about Smencils, the world’s only scented pencils made fro 100% recycled newspaper, visit Tom was provided with a pack of Smencils for the purposes of this review.

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Help me choose a LEGO Friends set for my sister’s birthday

My sister went to the Lego Friends press day

Hello again. Last week my sister and my mum went to a meeting with LEGO Friends because they wanted to see the new LEGO Friends toys which are coming out next month. I couldn’t go because I was at lower school. I am planning to get my sister some LEGO Friends for her birthday but I don’t know which ones to choose because they are all beautiful! She likes LEGO Friends and I play it with her too – we like the cafe which has cupcakes in it.

I looked at the pictures my mum took and the new collection of LEGO Friends has a drumkit (part of “Mia’s Bedroom”), a rabbit hutch (“Andrea’s Bunny Hutch”), a sandcastle and boat (“Olivia’s Speedboat”), a plane (“Heartlake Flying Club”), a camping set (“Adventure Camper”), two horse sets (“Emma’s Horse Trailer” and “Heartlake Stables”) and a really big stables set (“Summer Riding Camp”).  There is a LEGO Friends advent calendar too. I had a Lego Star Wars one and it was great last year!

My sister testing out the brand new Lego Friends range

I asked my sister what she thought of the new LEGO Friends sets and she said they were great. I think her favourite was the one called “Heartlake Stables” because she liked playing with it so much and she is really into horses and ponies just now.

The slideshow below has some pictures of the new LEGO Friends sets, which will be in shops next month. My sister’s birthday is September – can you help me choose which one to get her as a present? Please leave me a comment on this page with your idea to help me decide.

Thank you for reading this post!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The new LEGO Friends toys will be in stores from August 2012 (advent calendar from September 2012). Prices range from £9.99 to £89.99. For more information, visit


Rainy sports day

Today was meant to be my sports day but halfway through it started to rain quite a bit. When it started raining it was such a big shame because I was enjoying my sports day. I was competing against local schools for the Olympic Games and I was really looking forward to mummy and daddy racing in the mummy and daddy race, and my sister in the brother and sister race.

The rain was very very very very very bad so we had to go back inside and, because we were all wet, we got sent home early. It wasn’t very bad news because somebody at Kids Bee Happy had sent me something to play with and tell you about on my blog! They had sent me some Magic Sand Painting Packs to share with my sister!

I did a sand picture of a robot, my mum thought it was excellent. This is how you do the sand pictures:

  • First you peel off the part that you want to colour in with the sand and it is sticky underneath
  • Secondly, you get the sand and pour it on the sticky part
  • After that, if you have any spare sand on your work, you pour it into a container and save it
  • You keep going until you have coloured in the whole thing with coloured sand

My little sister had a go too and she did a bunny because there are boy packs and girl packs.

I think this is good for rainy days because all you have to do is sit inside and put sand on your picture and at the very end you get a very beautiful picture which you can put on your wall. I think lots of different children in the world would enjoy doing sand pictures.

Magic Sand Art packs were provided free of charge by Kids Bee Happy for Tom to review on his blog. They can be purchased for £8.99 from this link – each pack contains two A4 pictures to complete, along with 20 sand pens in 13 different colours, a plastic sleeve and hook to display the finished work and a tool for lifting the sections off to reveal the sticky areas beneath.

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My favourite Skylanders

I got Skylanders last Christmas and I was very excited because it was the first present I opened. I was very excited when I first tried it out, even though I only had three Skylanders but I’ve gradually been collecting them in packs of three and packs of one so now I have 21. This game is about a dragon called Spyro. He is one of the Skylanders. Before you start the game, you have to switch on the Portal of Power and put your Skylander on it. The Portal of Power makes your Skylanders come to life on TV. Then you complete chapters of adventures – the more you complete chapters, the more levels you unlock.

Each Skylander has its own special power on each button on the controller. That is important because if they had the same powers, it wouldn’t really be that fun. You need different Skylanders to complete different challenges. Every time you get a new Skylander, it unlocks a new challenge to try out and win. This is good because you can keep playing without getting bored and there are lots of different Skylanders to collect. There are 30 Skylanders to collect and there are special ones called Legendary Skylanders – they are a different colour to the normal ones.

I have got two very favourite Skylanders. One of them is called Dinorang and the other is called Ignitor. Dinorang throws boomerangs to kill the baddies. He can throw some forwards and some around him. I like Dinorang because he is a dinosaur and throws boomerangs and I think that is amazing for a dinosaur! I like Ignitor because he’s got a fire sword and he swipes baddies. He takes three shots with his sword to kill a baddie and he can throw meteors out of his head and crush the baddies too.

One of my friends has collected all of the Skylanders, including the Legendaries. I hope I get more for my birthday! My other friend doesn’t have Skylanders so I let him come round after school to play it with me.

Thank you for reading my blog, from Tom.