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About my blog!


Hello. I’m Tom and I am nearly seven years old and this is my blog. Welcome!

I am going to use it to tell you what I’ve been doing and where I have been with my friends and family.

I think it will be fun and will be a good way of learning spellings and telling you about things that you might enjoy too.

I hope you enjoying reading it!

You can find out more about me here.

From, Tom

10 responses to “About my blog!

  1. gem says:

    How super I look forward to reading all your posts Tom and hearing about your adventures! I’m sure my little boy who is 4 and 3/4 will love it too!

  2. Hannie says:

    Hi Tom! I saw the article about you and your blog in the Bedford Midweek paper – I love blogging too 🙂

  3. supertomblog says:

    Thank you Hannie and Gem for liking my blog 🙂

  4. Excellent plan. Looking forward to hearing all about what you do x

  5. Goodness me! Your spelling and punctuation don’t need any improvement! For 6 1/2 you’re doing incredibly well already!

    • supertomblog says:

      Tom’s mum says: thank you, I do the typing as Tom isn’t quite there with his laptop skills just yet, but the words are 100% his own. So spellings and punctuation are (hopefully!) correct but the content is entirely straight from the six-year-old’s mouth!

  6. Great to meet you, Tom! Holly and I look forward to reading your blog – good luck!

  7. missiava says:

    Hi, I’m also a child blogger! I’m nine. I really enjoyed reading this post! You a very good writer. Thanks for following my blog, I’ve followed yours too!

    Happy Blogging!

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