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Testing out a windmill kit

A company called RS Components sent me a big brown envelope of things to make a cardboard windmill out of. It looked a bit strange as it was just cardboard and wires and an engine and a battery but we got some instructions from them and last night me and mum tried to build it. Mum explained to me that it isn’t a proper toy yet, but it is called a ‘prototype’ because they are just testing it out to see what is good and bad about it.

Mum had to help me quite a bit because it had some fiddly jobs like putting the engine in and pushing the wooden stick through the cardboard. I think it would be difficult to do all by myself! But it was exciting and I did a good job of sticking all the cardboard tabs down to make the actual windmill’s body myself.

You have to attach a big elastic band to the wooden stick to make it turn by switching the engine on but when we switched it on, it didn’t really work so we never got the windmill fans to go round. I think the elastic band needed to hold on more tightly to the stick or something like that to make it move.

I think it will be great when they make it a bit better – it is a bit tricky at the moment so I think I will stick to making things out of Lego. But it would be good if this worked as it is exciting to use engines and batteries and wires – mum let me clip the wires on myself to the engine too! It was very fun to be able to try out this pack even if it isn’t ready really yet.

Here is a video of us making the windmill:

The batteriesDC motors, and wire cables used in this project were supplied by RS Components UK, the world’s leading high service distributor of electronics and maintenance products.

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