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Movie review: Mirror Mirror

on August 3, 2012

The school holidays are being a bit rainy so sometimes I just watch a film. This week I watched a new one called Mirror Mirror. It is the story of Snow White but it is very different to the Disney version which I have watched before. I like this version because of the dwarves – they look very different! In this film, they rob people but they don’t do that in the other one. My favourite dwarf is Chuck because he is very funny and when he smiles he looks very kind.

My favourite part of the film was when Snow White’s stepmother had lots of beauty treatments to make herself always look young. She had a strange treatment and they painted bird poo on her face and put worms in her ears! They got a bee to sting her lips to make them look bigger. It made me laugh! I couldn’t believe that some ladies do things like this to make themselves look younger!

I really liked the bit when the stepmother put a potion in the prince’s drink to make him have puppy love. It made him act like a puppy and he licked her! There are lots of funny bits in this film like where the price calls the dwarves ‘children’ and they don’t like it so they hang him upside down in a tree and all he has on is his trousers!

I’d give this film 10 out of 10 even though there are no songs in it.

Mirror Mirror (STUDIOCANAL) was released on DVD (RRP £19.99) and Blu Ray (RRP £24.99) on 30 July 2012. Tom was provided with a review copy for the purposes of this review.

“One of the most beloved stories of all time gets a modern make over and comes to life, in this spectacular motion picture event starring Oscar®-winner Julia Roberts as the evil Queen and Lily Collins (The Blind Side) as Snow White. A fresh and funny retelling of the classic fairy tale, the film also stars Armie Hammer (The Social Network) as the Prince, Sean Bean (“Game of Thrones”) as the King, and Nathan Lane (The Birdcage) as the Queen’s hapless and bungling servant, Brighton.”

One response to “Movie review: Mirror Mirror

  1. Carissa says:

    I totally wish that I had a version of Snow White like this when I was a little kid. I loved that Snow White was a tough cookie, and she wasn’t all frail like in the original cartoon. I didn’t get to see this in theaters, but I did add it to my Blockbuster @Home queue because they always have new releases while they’re still new. I was pleasantly surprised by the minor modern touches the writers added to the original fairy tale. I was sharing this with one of my friends I work with at Dish, and we both think that more fairy tales should be re-done like this. We’d especially like to see what kind of heroines Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella would make!

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