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My tooth fell out!

on July 17, 2012

Hooray my first tooth fell out! I can’t wait to put it under my pillow!


6 responses to “My tooth fell out!

  1. tomsandras says:

    Hi Tom, Hope the tooth fairy is good to you, when I was a little girl we used to get a penny! I think it has gone up since then haha, luv granny xx

  2. supertomblog says:

    Haha Granny! Errrrrm I hope I get more than one penny because I really want £1.49!

  3. Millie and fam x says:

    Wow it felt so amazing when my first tooth fell out so I hope yours will feel as exciting as mine was! I’ve got 3 out now…I hope the tooth fairy will come and I hope you believe in fairies or she might not come! My tooth fairy left me a note and £2 for my first tooth as it was the first one and then £1 next time. If you look carefully if you believe in fairies you might see fairy dust and foot prints. I hope you are all well. This Friday I’m braking up from school. Love Belle xxxxxx Big hugs from Auntie Millie too xoxoxoxo

  4. supertomblog says:

    Hi Arabella, I got £2 for my first tooth too! I hope you enjoy having your next teeth out. I will really look forward to seeing you in the summer. Tom x

  5. missiava says:

    Once I lost my tooth on Christmas Eve and I left an extra mince pie for the tooth fairy on Santa’s plate. My tooth fairy even has an email address!

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