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Book review: World Atlas (Barefoot Books)

on July 15, 2012

My mum brought me this book home from work, it was in her goody bag from the BritMums Live! event. This is why I enjoy it:

I have got family in lots of different countries so it helps me to learn all about their country – like Spain, New Zealand, France and Ireland. It shows me really colourful pictures of animals, habitats, countries and I have learnt about lots of famous things around different countries like important buildings and special mountains.

I used the Atlas for my school project about India. I learnt the shape of India and I learnt that lots of different animals live there like snow leopards, Indian peacocks, Bengal tigers, water buffalos and Indian elephants. I found out that they use a tuk-tuk instead of a car! There are lots of different famous buildings there like the Taj Mahal and the Golden Temple. Instead of them going to church in India, they go to a mosque.

Another thing I learnt about is South America. These are the animals you might see if you go there: a posionous dart frog, a jaguar, an anaconda, a piranha, a cicada and a red-and-green macaw.

All the pages of the book have these little “Did you know?” flaps which tell you lots of different interesting pieces of information about the countries. Everything is very colourful!

I think everyone would like this book – it is a very big hardback book beacuse of all the different countries in it. It will be very useful for my homework because it will tell me lots of information that I can write down. It is written by Nick Crane and is illustrated by David Dean. I think the pictures are actually quite beautiful just because they are drawn and not printed off a computer. I am really looking forward to using this atlas for more projects next year in school.

Thank you very much for reading this book review. From Tom 😀

You can buy the Barefoot Books World Atlas here.

One response to “Book review: World Atlas (Barefoot Books)

  1. How lovely Tom! Sounds like you’re learning a lot! Well done you!

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