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Looking forward to the London 2012 Olympics

on July 2, 2012

The Olympics are coming to London soon. I cannot wait because I am going to the Olympics. I have a ticket to see the men’s handball. I don’t really know what handball is but I would like to see it because they might explain what it is and I will get to see the new Olympic Park in London too. The basketball arena where the men’s handball is played was built especially for the Olympics.

I am going to buy a special t shirt especially for the Olympics. I am going to stay at my Nan’s house the night before the handball then I am going to go on a train to the Olympics. I will take my camera with me to take pictures of very exciting things and I will put them on my blog for you.

I might go to Bedford and see the Olympic torch on Sunday. Different people will be running around Bedford holding the Olympic torch. I am going early in the morning so I can get a good space to see it. It is special because when it gets to London, they’ll use it to light a special candle so the Olympics can start.

Lots of people will get medals. The youngest person ever to win a medal was a thirteen year old child. At school, we are having our own Olympic-themed sports day. We are competing against lots of different schools to win a certificate, but not a medal. I am looking forward to the penalty kick-off. It was very fun when I tried it out last time we practised.

What are you looking forward to the most about the Olympics?

4 responses to “Looking forward to the London 2012 Olympics

  1. tomsandras says:

    This sounds really exciting, wish I was going to the Olympics. Look forward to reading about it in your blog.

  2. Hannie says:

    I’ll be in Bedford on Sunday – I’m helping St John’s Church serve drinks along the route – they are on the bit just after the town bridge. I’m so excited to see the torch go past and will be there with my camera taking lots of pictures hopefully.

    I haven’t managed to get any tickets but I’m hoping to watch lots of the events on the TV. I like watching the Athletics and the Swimming. I also like the gymnastics but I think that is just at the Winter Olympics rather than the Summer Olympics.

  3. supertomblog says:

    Great message Hannie, I hope you enjoy watching the torch. From Tom 😀 (PS my mum says there will be gymnastics at the summer Olympics so you can watch that too!)

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