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Meeting Olympic Athletes and the London 2012 Opening Ceremony

Yesterday, which was the Opening Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics, I was in London for my nanny’s 80th birthday and I went for a little walk and met these athletes from the Czech Republic team. They let me have my picture taken with them near the big London bus which was doing press-ups outside!

I watched quite a lot of the Opening Ceremony on TV this morning because it was on very late last night and my favourite bit was Mr Bean when he had to press the same button over and over again and he fell asleep and didn’t listen to the music, so he missed his turn at the end! When James Bond brought the Queen in it was really funny because the Queen just jumped out of a helicopter 😀

I can’t wait to go to the Olympics!


Summer holiday trip to Legoland Windsor

I was invited to go to Legoland Windsor to review it for my blog so we went this week because it is school holidays. The weather was beautiful and when we got there I was excited and there was a man in one of the ticket booths – his name was Tom too and his name tag was made of real Lego! We drove there and on the road which leads in to Legoland there were lots of Lego people building letters, and at the end we saw a word that said ‘welcome’.

Legoland is all built of Lego. In Legoland there is a hotel, lots of roller coasters, games and underwater adventures. The first thing I tried was the Star Wars Miniland Experience (it is new and uses over 1.5million Lego bricks!) – there were lots of exciting things in there like Lego ships that can move, Lego cannons, Lego troops from the Star Wars films, lots of droids and Anakin Skywalker. I crawled through a tunnel and popped up with my head in a little helmet so i could imagine that I was a spaceman!

There’s a Miniland and it’s got loads of different cities made of Lego, using more than 40 million Lego bricks! I saw marching soldiers that were made of Lego. Lego London was very fun – I spotted Big Ben, the Houses of the Government, Buckingham Palace, the London Eye, the Gherkin and a giant BT Tower. I think they should have built a Lego Olympic Village that could be themed to the Olympic games. They could have Lego Olympic torches! I will try to make a Lego Olympic Torch actually.

When we got inside Legoland, we bought a very amazing machine that is called Q Bot*. It let us jump the queues so we didn’t have to stand in long ride queues all day. I went to the Lego Driving School and got in a Lego car. We had to follow the rules of driving… Rule 1: always stop at zebra crossings. Rule 2: always give way at a roundabout. Rule 3: watch out for all road signs and do what they say. Rule 4: always put your seatbelt on before driving. Rule 5: never ever put your foot on the accelerator very very very hard otherwise you will crash! Rule 6: (last rule) always keep on the left hand side of the road while driving. We all passed! I was very happy because I got my driving licence 🙂

I went in a Lego submarine on a new ride called Atlantis. I saw a Lego King Neptune (made of 100,000 Lego bricks) and loads of animals (there are over 2500 sea creatures in there!) like sharks, stingrays, fish and Lego fish as well that weren’t real. I really really liked it a lot! We were on a mission with two professors who were made of Lego. We had to press all the buttons very quickly to turn the submarine around.

I also went on the Jolly Rocker which was a pirate ship that swung backwards and forwards very high (up to 18 metres). I went on a Viking boat too that went up, turned back down and around. My sister really liked that! And we also went on log spinners – there was a big Lego spider on a big spider web made of rope. It was very very fun! We all went on Dragon’s Apprentice too – it was a roller coaster that went all around the dragon’s castle.

All around Legoland there are lots of things made of Lego like a man with binoculars and birds all on him and around him. There is a very nice gentle ride that went all around a river to show you scenes from fairy tales made of Lego, like Little Red Riding Hood and the Three Billy Goats Gruff.

In the afternoon we went in the splashing zone and I got drenched! A splashing zone is where there’s loads of water dropping down from a tower and lots of holesin the floor that shoot water up in the air and back down. There were puddles on the ground. It really cooled me down because it was such a hot sunny day. In the splash area there were water cannons where you could practice with targets.

At dinner time, we went to a pasta and pizza place** and a man who worked there gave me a badge. While we were eating in the sunshine, we watched the funny pirate show and afterwards I told the pirates they were excellent and cool and brave and I had my picture taken with two of the pirates.

At the end I went in the big Lego shop which has lots and lots of Lego stuff in it. These are the things I got in there: a triton and a box of new Monsters Lego which has got a werewolf and a scientist in it.

I had a great day and I would love to go back to Legoland and stay in the new hotel because it looks really cool and I would like to have a pirate bedroom with my sister Grace!

Thanks for reading,

Tom 🙂

* Q-Bot is a virtual queuing system which lets guests reserve a place on selected rides using a handheld Q-Bot unit. We paid £15 per person for a Q-Bot Regular which meant we didn’t have to physically queue up for most rides.

** All you can eat pizza, pasta and salad buffet £9.95 per person including refillable soft drinks, kids eat free after 4pm.

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For more information about Legoland please visit or call 0871 222 2001

Ticket Pricing: Full Price Child (3-15yrs)/Senior one day ticket £34.20,  Full Price Adult one day ticket £43.20, LEGOLAND Annual Pass from £67.20, Merlin Annual Pass from £105.30, Discounts available on tickets purchased online – see for more details.

We were provided with free entry to Legoland Windsor for the purposes of this review.


My day at the Bedford River Festival 2012

At the weekend, I went to the Bedford River Festival, which happens every two years. First I saw the Roman Soldiers who were showing us all what they might have done in battle. Then I saw the carnival parade – it was very fun because there were loads of people dressed up and I saw a cat van, people on trucks, a carnival queen and lots more. People came to me giving out sweets! It was very fun.

I saw people racing on the river on dragon boats. They were very, very fast. I don’t think I could run as fast as them.

After all of that, we saw loads of stalls and I made a minibeast home at one of the stalls. It was very hard but fun. I have hung it in the garden and I hope that lots of minibeasts will visit my minibeast home. I also had my face painted as a scary vampire.

I went to the St John Ambulance place and I gave a dummy a heart massage. My sister blew into its mouth and made its chest pop up to make it come back to life!

I very enjoyed going on all the rides like the bumper boats. I like River Festival a lot because I win prizes too and I got to share some churros with my family. It’s a very big shame that it happens only once every two years!

Tom 🙂


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My day as headteacher

Headteacher TomToday I was headteacher for the day! I couldn’t wait. I was headteacher because my mum won it as a prize at school. This morning, instead of me going to the gates and waiting for them to open, I went to school early and went through the office. I wore a shirt and tie and black trousers and socks with diamonds on because I was allowed to wear mufti like a proper teacher. When I went through the office Mrs D (deputy head) greeted me and told Mrs F (the headteacher) I was here. Mrs F took me into her office and we had a chat about what we were going to be doing today.

We had a walk around the school and we visited classrooms. Classes 3E and 1M were colouring in Olympic medals and making some to celebrate the Olympics. I also wrote a letter about my day being headteacher which will be sent home tomorrow. I saw the Year 4 leavers assembly and I gave out stickers – I had five stickers and I gave them out to people who were sitting nicely!

I didn’t have to do any school work at all because I was headteacher. Instead, I helped Mrs F on the computer to find something for a letter, I spoke to other teachers and held doors open for other people. I held Tommy the Tortoise when I visited 1M’s classroom. It felt very funny because he kept moving around but luckily he didn’t escape.

I found it very interesting when I went to the ICT room to give out stickers. It was interesting because everyone was doing very good work on the computers. I saw two friends on mine playing Granny’s Garden, they were helping each other out.

Instead of me having a child’s tray at lunchtime, I had a plate for adults! When I had my hand up, Mr P asked me what I had my hand up for and I said I had it up because I wanted to leave the dinner hall. Mr P said I could decide if I could go because I am headteacher for the day! He also bowed to me every time he spotted me which made me very giggly! It will be very very serious when he is my teacher next year.

It was very fun in Mrs F’s office because lots of children came in and got stickers. One of them was for a class canvas and the other was for amazing sums.

I had a chocolate mini roll because Mrs F and I really needed a break in the afternoon. Mrs F told all the teachers that I have a blog so I think she’ll be reading this!

I had a really really really really great day as headteacher.

Tom 🙂


Help me choose a LEGO Friends set for my sister’s birthday

My sister went to the Lego Friends press day

Hello again. Last week my sister and my mum went to a meeting with LEGO Friends because they wanted to see the new LEGO Friends toys which are coming out next month. I couldn’t go because I was at lower school. I am planning to get my sister some LEGO Friends for her birthday but I don’t know which ones to choose because they are all beautiful! She likes LEGO Friends and I play it with her too – we like the cafe which has cupcakes in it.

I looked at the pictures my mum took and the new collection of LEGO Friends has a drumkit (part of “Mia’s Bedroom”), a rabbit hutch (“Andrea’s Bunny Hutch”), a sandcastle and boat (“Olivia’s Speedboat”), a plane (“Heartlake Flying Club”), a camping set (“Adventure Camper”), two horse sets (“Emma’s Horse Trailer” and “Heartlake Stables”) and a really big stables set (“Summer Riding Camp”).  There is a LEGO Friends advent calendar too. I had a Lego Star Wars one and it was great last year!

My sister testing out the brand new Lego Friends range

I asked my sister what she thought of the new LEGO Friends sets and she said they were great. I think her favourite was the one called “Heartlake Stables” because she liked playing with it so much and she is really into horses and ponies just now.

The slideshow below has some pictures of the new LEGO Friends sets, which will be in shops next month. My sister’s birthday is September – can you help me choose which one to get her as a present? Please leave me a comment on this page with your idea to help me decide.

Thank you for reading this post!

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The new LEGO Friends toys will be in stores from August 2012 (advent calendar from September 2012). Prices range from £9.99 to £89.99. For more information, visit


My tooth fell out!

Hooray my first tooth fell out! I can’t wait to put it under my pillow!



Book review: World Atlas (Barefoot Books)

My mum brought me this book home from work, it was in her goody bag from the BritMums Live! event. This is why I enjoy it:

I have got family in lots of different countries so it helps me to learn all about their country – like Spain, New Zealand, France and Ireland. It shows me really colourful pictures of animals, habitats, countries and I have learnt about lots of famous things around different countries like important buildings and special mountains.

I used the Atlas for my school project about India. I learnt the shape of India and I learnt that lots of different animals live there like snow leopards, Indian peacocks, Bengal tigers, water buffalos and Indian elephants. I found out that they use a tuk-tuk instead of a car! There are lots of different famous buildings there like the Taj Mahal and the Golden Temple. Instead of them going to church in India, they go to a mosque.

Another thing I learnt about is South America. These are the animals you might see if you go there: a posionous dart frog, a jaguar, an anaconda, a piranha, a cicada and a red-and-green macaw.

All the pages of the book have these little “Did you know?” flaps which tell you lots of different interesting pieces of information about the countries. Everything is very colourful!

I think everyone would like this book – it is a very big hardback book beacuse of all the different countries in it. It will be very useful for my homework because it will tell me lots of information that I can write down. It is written by Nick Crane and is illustrated by David Dean. I think the pictures are actually quite beautiful just because they are drawn and not printed off a computer. I am really looking forward to using this atlas for more projects next year in school.

Thank you very much for reading this book review. From Tom 😀

You can buy the Barefoot Books World Atlas here.

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The day I held the Olympic Torch

I held the Olympic Torch and it was amazing because I was at Beavers. I had a picture with it. It felt kind of heavy and light and it had the London 2012 symbol on it. I couldn’t believe it when I actually just touched the torch! It was a once in a really really big lifetime experience and I am happy because not any children get to hold the torch. My friend’s dad brought the torch in to Beavers so that we could have a picture with it and experience a bit of Olympic magic! Thank you for reading this little blog post. Best magic wishes from Tom.


Rainy sports day

Today was meant to be my sports day but halfway through it started to rain quite a bit. When it started raining it was such a big shame because I was enjoying my sports day. I was competing against local schools for the Olympic Games and I was really looking forward to mummy and daddy racing in the mummy and daddy race, and my sister in the brother and sister race.

The rain was very very very very very bad so we had to go back inside and, because we were all wet, we got sent home early. It wasn’t very bad news because somebody at Kids Bee Happy had sent me something to play with and tell you about on my blog! They had sent me some Magic Sand Painting Packs to share with my sister!

I did a sand picture of a robot, my mum thought it was excellent. This is how you do the sand pictures:

  • First you peel off the part that you want to colour in with the sand and it is sticky underneath
  • Secondly, you get the sand and pour it on the sticky part
  • After that, if you have any spare sand on your work, you pour it into a container and save it
  • You keep going until you have coloured in the whole thing with coloured sand

My little sister had a go too and she did a bunny because there are boy packs and girl packs.

I think this is good for rainy days because all you have to do is sit inside and put sand on your picture and at the very end you get a very beautiful picture which you can put on your wall. I think lots of different children in the world would enjoy doing sand pictures.

Magic Sand Art packs were provided free of charge by Kids Bee Happy for Tom to review on his blog. They can be purchased for £8.99 from this link – each pack contains two A4 pictures to complete, along with 20 sand pens in 13 different colours, a plastic sleeve and hook to display the finished work and a tool for lifting the sections off to reveal the sticky areas beneath.

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The Olympic Torch Relay in Bedford

When I got up this morning I felt happy because I was going to Bedford to see the Olympic Torch Relay. I put on an Olympics t-shirt and some sticky glittery tattoos. I am going to keep my tattoos on for lunch! Some of them are on my face.

The weather was disgusting on the way to Bedford, it was chucking it down with rain. We had to walk all the way from the car park in the rain to the torch relay. It took ages for the torch to arrive but while we were waiting I saw some funny things like a man running along with a fake torch and a rubbish truck driving along the road! The police came along and high-fived me and had a photo with me which you can see in the gallery on this blog post.

Before the torch man came along, lots of cars and trucks and motorbikes were in front of it. On three of the trucks there were people dancing and singing and that made me feel a bit nervous and excited because I knew the Olympic torch was very close. A torch relay is a race that you can join in and you have your very own torch to keep but you run with it and pass the flame to another person.

When I finally saw the Olympic torch I was very excited and I saw lots of people running with the person carrying the Olympic torch. You can see it yourself on this exciting video that my Dad took:

Thank you for reading this blog post. Please have a look at the pictures.

From Tom 😀

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