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My day out at the school fete

on June 30, 2012

I went to the school fete today. I felt very happy when I arrived because I saw lots of fun games and ice creams… “delicious!”.

The first thing I did was try the teddy tombola. It took me ages to win a prize but in the end I won a teddy lion.

Then I went to the “soak-a-teacher” game. It was fun. The PTFA lady that I soaked said I got shot of the day and a man came over and shook my hand!

After that, I had a hot dog. Yum yum! Next I went to the bouncy castle with my sister. I fell down all the time! After I went on the bouncy castle, I got a tattoo – it was a motorbike. Then me and my sister got our faces painted. I had a skeleton and she had a doggy.

We had lots more fun on the pony rides, playing on the tyres, digging for treasure and fighting my sister with a red tube on the air arena.

I couldn’t wait until the school fete had started. I was waiting ages and I really really enjoyed it because I saw real live ponies and enjoyed myself with my friends and family.


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