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Half term DVD review – Transformers Prime: Season One

Transformers PrimeIt is half term and I am doing lots of exciting things this week. I had a whole day at the soft play centre with my friends on Monday and yesterday I went to London and tonight I am going to dress up as a zombie and go trick-or-treating! But I also got sent a new DVD to watch and write about on my blog!

It is called Transformers Prime: Season One and has got five different episodes of Transformers on it and I really enjoyed watching it because it had my favourite characters like Optimus Prime and Bumblebee in it. I like them both because they are very strong and they can change from being different vehicles into robots. On this DVD they go on lots of adventures to protect some normal children who have found out about them and also they fight the evil transformers who are called Decepticons.

I wanted to write about this DVD because I thought that you might want to watch it in half term if you are staying at home one day or if you have a long journey in the car. There is a trailer here on my blog which you might enjoy:


Transformers Prime: Season One (Universal Pictures) is available on DVD now, priced £10.99 and rated PG. Tom was lent a copy for the purposes of this review.

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My visit to the National Gallery

Yesterday, I went to the National Gallery in London with my family. I have been learning about Van Gogh at school and we went there to see his paintings called the sunflowers, the chair and also Cezanne’s ‘Bathers’. I almost fainted when I saw actual real life Van Gogh paintings! They were way bigger than I expected and I could see Van Gogh’s oil paints stand out from the canvas because it was so thick. I couldn’t pick a favourite painting because I liked the whole gallery actually! In the gift shop I bought some postcards and a ‘mini masterpiece’ kit so that I could do my own masterpiece at home.

So today I did the mini masterpiece. I decided to paint some fruits and a painting for my mum. The fruit was called a ‘still life’ and Van Gogh and Cezanne both liked doing them so I told mum I was being “a bit like Cezanne”! 

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Movie review: The Jungle Bunch

The Jungle Bunch DVDI was asked to watch The Jungle Bunch, which is a film that’s out to buy this week. The film is about a penguin who thinks he’s a tiger because when he was in a pile of eggs and the walruses took over the South Pole, one of the walruses knocked his egg into the sea and he travelled for miles and miles then hatched in the jungle.

The great warrior tiger trained him to be a master of martial arts. He could fight but he wasn’t really that good because he was a penguin and not a tiger like he thought he was!

The Jungle Bunch – which is Maurice the penguin (who thinks he’s a tiger) and his friends like poisonous frogs called Al and Bob, Miguel the gorilla, a warthog and a tiger fish called Junior – go on an adventure from the jungle to the South Pole. They walk through the jungle and the gorilla finds a big log. They also find a stick and use it to row the log so they can get to the South Pole. They want to get there so they can save it from the walruses!

I really enjoyed the film because it was quite funny and I liked all the different voices and the characters who were all really colourful and exciting. I would give this film five stars out of five. My favourite characters are the poisonous frogs because they are really funny.


The Jungle Bunch (Universal Pictures) is available on DVD now, RRP £6.99. It is also available for digital download and via video-on-demand. The DVD features six mini movies from ‘Behind the Scenes’ of the jungle. Tom was provided with this film free of charge for the purposes of this review.

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Have you missed me?

Conker spidersIt has been ages since I did a blog post! I am in Year 2 at school now and it is really busy because I have bigger homework and more reading to do. I have been learning about famous people like Florence Nightingale and Stevie Wonder and Vincent Van Gogh at school – it is very fun because I didn’t know anything about them before and now I know loads of things. Like today I found out that not only is Stevie Wonder blind, but also he lost his sense of smell in a car crash!

I still go to Beavers as well and now I do swimming lessons, so there isn’t much time to do my blog! But I still love my blog and I have got lots of things to tell you about, so I hope you will come back and read my new posts when I do them. It will be very soon because I have to tell you about my sister’s birthday and there are some toys and films I want to tell you about as well. But for now, I hope you like these conker spiders I made with my dad – my teacher told me that conkers scare away spiders so I made these but they scared him because he is scared of spiders!

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Testing out a windmill kit

A company called RS Components sent me a big brown envelope of things to make a cardboard windmill out of. It looked a bit strange as it was just cardboard and wires and an engine and a battery but we got some instructions from them and last night me and mum tried to build it. Mum explained to me that it isn’t a proper toy yet, but it is called a ‘prototype’ because they are just testing it out to see what is good and bad about it.

Mum had to help me quite a bit because it had some fiddly jobs like putting the engine in and pushing the wooden stick through the cardboard. I think it would be difficult to do all by myself! But it was exciting and I did a good job of sticking all the cardboard tabs down to make the actual windmill’s body myself.

You have to attach a big elastic band to the wooden stick to make it turn by switching the engine on but when we switched it on, it didn’t really work so we never got the windmill fans to go round. I think the elastic band needed to hold on more tightly to the stick or something like that to make it move.

I think it will be great when they make it a bit better – it is a bit tricky at the moment so I think I will stick to making things out of Lego. But it would be good if this worked as it is exciting to use engines and batteries and wires – mum let me clip the wires on myself to the engine too! It was very fun to be able to try out this pack even if it isn’t ready really yet.

Here is a video of us making the windmill:

The batteriesDC motors, and wire cables used in this project were supplied by RS Components UK, the world’s leading high service distributor of electronics and maintenance products.

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Top 5 things to do in the garden

The weather hasn’t been great in the summer holidays, but there have been a few sunny days. When it’s sunny I like playing in the garden and here’s my top five things I like to do in the garden and that you might like.

In fifth place… Riding things! My garden isn’t that big but I can still get around it on my bike without any road traffic getting in my way.  I also like taking my sister for a ride on the back of my quad bike. We play taxis and I give her a lift around the garden.

In fourth place… It is my sister’s trampoline! It’s a little one-person trampoline that we bought second-hand for only £5. I like jumping on it but sadly once I almost jumped over the front. The dog loves jumping about on it too.

In third place… Gardening with my dad! I was sent some cool Gruffalo gardening gloves and I am going to use them to help my dad dig, plant and get messy. I planted vegetables in my garden like carrots, spring onions, chillis and green peas. The gloves are going to come in very HANDY 😀

In second place… Painting and clay! When it was a sunny day, mummy covered the garden table with a cloth and me and my sister painted clay things that we had made last year. It was really fun – you should try it with air-drying clay.

In first place… Pro Swingball! This new toy was sent to me this summer and I have been playing it with my sister and my mum. It is really tricky to hit the ball but I’m getting the hang of it. The rules of Pro Swingball is the ball goes round and round a pole and you have to take it in turns to serve and hit it. My dog Mowgli also loves Pro Swingball and keeps trying to eat the tennis ball on the end of the string!

What things do you like doing in your garden? I’d love to hear from you!


Gruffalo Garden Gloves – “This is Briers’ first fully licensed range. These exclusive Gruffalo® children’s products have been especially designed with an emphasis on kids having fun outside.” The gloves are available from Briers priced £3.99. 

Pro Swingball – “The Pro Swingball is the perfect game for the whole family to enjoy in the summer.  It isn’t just for back gardens, it’s fully portable and therefore a perfect game for outdoor events, holiday fun and picnics. With its unique lid and base construction, the game can be stored and carried anywhere!  It’s fun, interactive and great for all age-groups … and tends to bring out that competitive streak in even the most unlikely players!  Pro Swingball is available from Toys ‘R’ Us and – RRP £39.99.”


Fruit Shoot pencils from Smencils

I really like Fruit Shoots and I really like writing and drawing, so it was a very big surprise to receive some Fruit Shoot pencils from Smencils today. These are not any old pencils; these are special because they SMELL of different types of Fruit Shoots! There are five flavours which they smell of: orange, summer fruits, blackcurrant and apple, tropical and apple. My favourite Smencils are tropical and orange.

They are also special because they are made of recycled newspapers so they are kind to the atmosphere. And the tube they come in is made out of a special plastic which is also kind to the planet.

They are the perfect things for back to school and you can win some at this competition on Facebook – they are giving away 10 sets of Robinsons Fruit Shoot Smencils.

For further information about Smencils, the world’s only scented pencils made fro 100% recycled newspaper, visit Tom was provided with a pack of Smencils for the purposes of this review.

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A day at the London 2012 Olympics

SuperTom at the London 2012 OlympicsOn the day that we went to the Olympics, me and my mum went on a train to get there. We got up early at seven o’clock (we had stayed at my nanny’s house because she lives in London) and we walked halfway to the train station and then took a bus because we had travel-cards which came with our Olympic tickets. It was six stops on the train to get to the Olympics and the train was very very busy because lots of people were going to the Olympics.

Arriving at the Olympic Park for London 2012When we got off the train I was very excited. I was wearing my London 2012 t-shirt and I had a lanyard which had lots of pin badges on it that we had collected before we got there. Lots of people said they liked my badges and asked me where I got them from. We had bought them from the London 2012 shop, John Lewis and the Tower of London shop which we went to the day before.

We walked from the station into the Olympic park. I was a bit nervous because I was so happy to be there! I saw the actual Olympic Stadium and it was brilliant and ginormous. I’ve got tickets for the Paralympics too so I can go in the stadium then!

As we walked to the Basketball Arena, we saw Chris Hoy with his gold medal. He was wearing his medal and being interviewed on a balcony. He waved to the crowd and it made me feel like crying! I couldn’t believe that I could see a real gold medallist from Team GB!

Before we got to the Basketball Arena, we went into a BP room and we watched a 3D film on a ball in the middle of the room. We were turning around and it got really cold. The film was talking about the Olympics and the environment.

SuperTom at the Basketball Arena London 2012When we finally got to the Basketball Arena we sat down in our chairs to watch the men’s handball quarter final with Hungary vs Iceland. Handball is very quick, action-packed and it was a bit boring at the beginning but then very exciting when it was a draw and it went to extra time! Woo. Then I really started cheering for Hungary because I wanted them to win and they won! Phew.

After the handball match, I had my picture taken with the Olympic torch but it wasn’t as much fun as when I had my picture taken with it at Beavers because that felt more special because it was just us kids. We had a walk around the Olympic Park and there were lots of fans from other countries like Spain fans and Hungary fans and some of them were dressed up, especially the Iceland ones. Ones of the Iceland fans was dressed as Santa Claus!


We actually had three days in London and two sleeps. The day before I went to the Olympics, I went down to the South Bank and saw lots of Olympics mascots – they were gigantic and me and my sister had a photo taken with as many as possible. They all looked different because they had different patterns on them. On the last day in London, we went to the Tower of London and I saw the Crown Jewels and I saw Tower Bridge open too.


I had an excellent time in London and it felt very special going to the Olympics because not many children in the world would get to do that. I have enjoyed the whole Olympics, watching it on TV and going to see the handball. When I grow up, I would like to be an Olympic athlete but I wonder what country it would be in? I think I’d be good at single diving like Tom Daly. I don’t think I’d be really that good at football and handball because they are a bit too fast for me and tricky. I think I’d be good at gymnastics as well, on the horse.

I’m really upset that the Olympics are going to go this weekend but I’m really excited about the Paralymics in a couple of weeks’ time. Thank you for reading this very long post! Please have a look at my slideshow below which has all my photographs on it from my visit to the London 2012 Olympics 🙂

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Dressing up smart for Nanny’s surprise 80th birthday party

Last weekend I went to my Nanny’s surprise 80th birthday party in London. 80 is very old but not as old as my great-granny who is 83! Me and my sister chose some very smart clothes to wear from Next – I got a shirt, waistcoat and tie. I really like wearing smart clothes to parties and I even had my hair spiked up.

The party was brilliant. There were Irish decorations because my Nan comes from Ireland. Lots of my family came to the party from Ireland and New Zealand and it was very nice to meet everyone because I haven’t met all of them before.

My favourite people I had fun with at the party were my cousin, Danny, and my other cousin’s friend, Chloe. Me and Danny made up a secret handshake but I can’t tell you what it is because then it won’t be secret. I did an arm wrestle with Chloe and I won. She told me that she enjoys reading my blog and I said she could be on it 🙂

I stayed up very late at the party and I am still tired now!

My spiky hair!

Secret handshakes!


Movie review: Mirror Mirror

The school holidays are being a bit rainy so sometimes I just watch a film. This week I watched a new one called Mirror Mirror. It is the story of Snow White but it is very different to the Disney version which I have watched before. I like this version because of the dwarves – they look very different! In this film, they rob people but they don’t do that in the other one. My favourite dwarf is Chuck because he is very funny and when he smiles he looks very kind.

My favourite part of the film was when Snow White’s stepmother had lots of beauty treatments to make herself always look young. She had a strange treatment and they painted bird poo on her face and put worms in her ears! They got a bee to sting her lips to make them look bigger. It made me laugh! I couldn’t believe that some ladies do things like this to make themselves look younger!

I really liked the bit when the stepmother put a potion in the prince’s drink to make him have puppy love. It made him act like a puppy and he licked her! There are lots of funny bits in this film like where the price calls the dwarves ‘children’ and they don’t like it so they hang him upside down in a tree and all he has on is his trousers!

I’d give this film 10 out of 10 even though there are no songs in it.

Mirror Mirror (STUDIOCANAL) was released on DVD (RRP £19.99) and Blu Ray (RRP £24.99) on 30 July 2012. Tom was provided with a review copy for the purposes of this review.

“One of the most beloved stories of all time gets a modern make over and comes to life, in this spectacular motion picture event starring Oscar®-winner Julia Roberts as the evil Queen and Lily Collins (The Blind Side) as Snow White. A fresh and funny retelling of the classic fairy tale, the film also stars Armie Hammer (The Social Network) as the Prince, Sean Bean (“Game of Thrones”) as the King, and Nathan Lane (The Birdcage) as the Queen’s hapless and bungling servant, Brighton.”

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